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Kavit Munshi

Date Joined
July 19, 2012

Aptira From 2013-07-30 (Current)
Statement of Interest

I want to help grow the OpenStack community in India


Kavit is the CTO of Aptira and heads Aptira's Indian operations and with 15 years of experience in designing and deploying enterprise solutions, Kavit provides the team with a wealth of experience. Kavit spent the better part of the last decade in Australia, working with several corporates and start ups there, before migrating back to India. Kavit is experienced in working with teams spanning multiple countries and cultural backgrounds.

He has been a key member of teams that have successfully delivered cutting edge solutions to various Australian Telcos and corporations. He has also been the driving force behind several start-ups, helping them develop and innovate novel solutions and products. Kavit specialises in virtualisation and cloud. Kavit has also been the driving force behind the Indian OpenStack community and Aptira's involvement with OpenStack. Kavit has helped organise OpenStack events in India and loves to work with students and driving their involvement with OpenStack. Kavit was recently appointed a OpenStack Ambassador for his region to better help the OpenStack Community grow in South Asia. Kavit aims to bring the OpenStack Design Summit to India if elected to the OpenStack Board of Directors. Kavit wants to increase the engagement of the burgeoning OpenSource community in the Indian academia with the OpenStack project. 



Kavit is a candidate in the 2014 Board Election.


What is your relationship to OpenStack, and why is its success important to you? What would you say is your biggest contribution to OpenStack's success to date?


I am a founder and co-organiser of the OpenStack India Group and the OpenStack Ambassador for the region. We are one of the fastest growing user groups in the OpenStack Ecosystem and one of the most active.  I have gained a lot of valuable experience working with people building the OpenStack Community. My biggest contribution to date has been growing and nurturing the community in India and helping students and professionals alike to contribute.

I have helped introduce OpenStack into Universities and have helped organise several events around OpenStack over the last two years. I have also organised and spoken at the OpenStack Miniconfs held at OSI days in India. I recently also represented OpenStack at INTEROP held in Mumbai.


I have taken the Indian User Group from a couple of likeminded people in April 2012 to a very active and thriving group of over 1760 members


Describe your experience with other non profits or serving as a board member. How does your experience prepare you for the role of a board member?


I currently sit on the Board of Aptira India and I also work closely with all non-profit organisations that Aptira supports. I have been involved with several start-ups and have provided them the strategic direction and guidance. I also currently mentor several budding entrepreneurs and students.

I believe my experience will allow me to balance the needs of the community with the goals of driving the business aspect of OpenStack forward. I also believe that due to my work with startups and students, I am very well positioned to understand the needs of the startups and of young entrepreneurs.


What do you see as the Board's role in OpenStack's success?


The OpenStack Foundation Board plays a very important role in not just the governance of the project but also in driving adoption in the industry. The Board has given the foundation solid strategies to take OpenStack into the mainstream and to make it the de facto standard in OpenSource cloud computing. I also believe it is the board's responsibility to maintain a balance between the interest of the vendors and of the community. The Board should also steer OpenStack into the hitherto untapped markets of Asia and Africa.


What do you think the top priority of the Board should be in 2014?


The top priority for the Board in 2014 should be take OpenStack and promote it to the rest of the world and drive an increase in the number of use cases and user stories.


The Board must also drive user adoption while increasing involvement from the community. The Board must truly help OpenStack become the cloud for the rest of the world.

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