May 8-11, 2017

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Logging Work Group BoF

The BoF is to gather all attendees interested in seeing OpenStack Logging improve.  You can be an end user, an Ops, a DevOps, a developer, a product manager, or any other role for that matter, as long as you want to see improvements.  Hopefully, you even have ideas for improvements, but it's not required.

This meeting will be to get to know each other, see if what affinities may exist for group foci, and generally to organize ourselves to be effective in our goal.

This BoF is in conjunction (and hopefully, before) a working session to define and assign our efforts for the Pike and Queen cycles.

Wednesday, May 10, 4:30pm-5:10pm (8:30pm - 9:10pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: N/A
Architect, Quality and Operations for Open Source
I am an industry veteran, with experience spanning computer bring up to AI, networks, mobile compute, and embedded systems. But my attention always seems to return to close to the metal, large infrastructure. Starting out in EE as a systems engineer, I migrated to SW development then on to QA and SW Process. During the journey, I have analysed Space Shuttle launch communications, modelled... FULL PROFILE
Got me.  But, he'll fill it in when he gets this notice.  I hope FULL PROFILE
Principal Software Engineer
During working hours Erno is mainly hacking OpenStack Glance as full time upstream developer and serves as Glance PTL for Rocky and Stein cycles. Stationed near Galway, Ireland Erno is one of the remotees in Red Hat's fleet. Before joining Red Hat, he used to work for HP(E) on multiple roles involving support, training and OpenStack development. Erno is very Enterprise minded focusing his... FULL PROFILE
Vietnam OpenStack UG security guard
Viettel Cloud Specialist Official Vietnam OpenStack User Group organizer Vietnam OPNFV User Group organizer Vietnam FOSS Association Executive Member FULL PROFILE
Principal System Engineer
Andy is a Principal System Engineer in AT&T's Integrated Cloud organization. He led the 2016 launch of ATT's Community Contribution team of ~30 dedicated OpenStack contributors. Since then AT&T has become a top 15 contributor and he coordinates AT&T's community contribution roadmap. He was also instrumental in launching the Large Contributing OpenStack Operators (LCOO) working... FULL PROFILE