May 8-11, 2017

Speaker Details

Andrew Ukasick
Principal System Engineer

Andy is a Principal System Engineer in AT&T's Integrated Cloud organization. He led the 2016 launch of ATT's Community Contribution team of ~30 dedicated OpenStack contributors. Since then AT&T has become a top 15 contributor and he coordinates AT&T's community contribution roadmap. He was also instrumental in launching the Large Contributing OpenStack Operators (LCOO) working group and chairs the LCOO Roadmap Committee. 

When he's not working, he is busy on his 33 acre farm in Wisconsin, USA, with his horses, sheep, dogs, cat and 30+ chickens and guinea hens. He is working to reduce his carbon footprint and adopt a more sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle. He grows his own hay for the animals and produces all of his heat from dead trees harvested from his 20 acres of forest. His water is from his own well and he produces his own electricity from a Solar array he installed in March 2016. He's dreaming of buying a Tesla Model 3 and reducing his dependence on fossil fuels as his next step on the journey.