May 8-11, 2017

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Strategies to Foster Diversity and Inclusion in the OpenStack Community

The technology industry has been a major source of innovation and economic growth, but its ability to encourage diversity among its ranks lags. In 2016, women and underrepresented minorities accounted for 30% of the larger tech industry, while comprising 11% and nearly 10% of the OpenStack and Linux communities, respectively. On the upside, data suggests that this same population accounted for 9% of all OpenStack activity, as compared to 6.8% of all Linux activity. To harness the full power of technology to tackle a broader set of societal challenges will depend, in part, on our ability to encourage a diversity of ideas, experiences and talent. Join us for an interactive panel discussion as we explore the numbers and what they mean, and in turn, discuss concrete, actionable steps that we can collectively take to foster a diverse, inclusive environment within the OpenStack community.

What can I expect to learn?

Attendees should expect to gain:

1. Clear insight into the data that indicates that the technology industry continues to languish in its ability to encourage diversity among its ranks.

2. An understanding of the numbers, specifically in relation to diversity & inclusion in the OpenStack community, as compared to the Linux community. For example, where is diversity flourishing vs. lagging in the OpenStack community, along with some potential causes.

3.  An interactive discussion of concrete, actionable steps that we can collectively take to foster a diverse, inclusive environment within the OpenStack community.

Wednesday, May 10, 11:50am-12:30pm
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Egle Sigler is a principal architect on Rackspace's OpenStack Private Cloud team and an OpenStack Foundation board member. As part of the board, Egle is co-chair of the DefCore committee and the Diversity Working Group. Egle has co-authored two books, DevOps for VMware Administrators and OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook. Egle wants OpenStack to be regarded... FULL PROFILE
Intel Corporation, Community and Developer Advocate
For over 20 years, Nicole Huesman has applied her aptitude in storytelling to the technology industry—helping shine a light on the importance and impact of the incredible feats of her engineering colleagues. She dove into the world of open source six years ago, and quickly became a strong advocate—from the embedded market (Yocto Project) to the cloud (OpenStack, KVM, Xen). She is... FULL PROFILE
Open Usage Commons, Director
Allison is a software developer and open source strategist. She is a board member of the OpenStack Foundation, a board member of the Open Source Initiative, a board member of the Perl Foundation, and co-founder of the FLOSS Foundations group for open source leaders. She previously served as President of the Open Source Initiative, President of the Perl Foundation, Chief Architect of the Parrot... FULL PROFILE
Daniel Izquierdo is co-founder of Bitergia [1], a start-up focused on providing metrics and consultancy about OSS and InnerSource projects. His main OpenStack interests are the community itself, trying to help community managers, organizations and developers to better understand how the overall project is performing. He is also developer of the GrimoireLab toolset [2], a CHAOSS project, that... FULL PROFILE
Red Hat
Amy Marrich is a Principal Technical Marketing Manager at Red Hat. She previously worked at a small Open Source e-assessment company in Luxembourg where she was the Open Source Community and Global Training Manager.  Previously she was the OpenStack Instructor at Linux Academy and a Linux System Engineer on the Platform Engineering Cloud Operations team at Rackspace. She currently serves on... FULL PROFILE