May 8-11, 2017

Speaker Details

Egle Sigler

Egle Sigler is a principal architect on Rackspace's OpenStack Private Cloud team and an OpenStack Foundation board member. As part of the board, Egle is co-chair of the DefCore committee and the Diversity Working Group. Egle has co-authored two books, DevOps for VMware Administrators and OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook.

Egle wants OpenStack to be regarded as one of the most successful open source projects, with a great community to back it. During the past year, Egle has been co-chair of DefCore committee, where she has seen that the impact DefCore has on OpenStack is crucial. Interoperability is one of the top OpenStack priorities, and she  continues leading the efforts to increase it.

Egle is also a co-chair for the Diversity Working Group. OpenStack community is growing in size every day. It is the goal of the Diversity WG to not only increase the diversity in our community, but also to make sure that this diversity is reflected in total participation.