Barcelona, Spain
October 25-28, 2016

Speaker Details

Bruno Cornec
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Bruno Cornec is Engineer of the French Ecole Centrale de Lyon. (1987)
He has been managing various Unix systems since 1987 and Linux since 1993 (0.99pl14).
Bruno first worked 8 years around Software Engineering and Configuration Management Systems (Build systems, Quality tools) in Unix environments.
Since 1995, he is Open Source and Linux (OSL) Technology Strategist and Evangelist, initially for an HPE reseller and since 2000 for Hewlett Packard Enterprise directly in the EMEA Customer Innovation Center.

Bruno is also HP WW Linux Community Lead, OSL Advocate, Helion MVP and RHCE.

Bruno is a contributor in various OSL projects: MondoRescue (2001), Mageia (2003), LinuxCOE (2006), Pause (2007), Tellico (2008), FOSSology (2008), collectl (2009), Ironic (2015), python-redfish (2015). He is also project leader for MondoRescue (GPL disaster recovery solution, 2005), (GPL deployment server, 2006), (GPL build service, 2007), UUWL (LGPL/MIT Unix to Unix Wrapper Library, 2011), PUSK (GPL ProLiant USB Setup Key, 2012), python-redfish (2015).

He is a member of the Solution Linux/OWF/POSS Conference Board since 2006.
He is also a board member of the AFUL and OpenStack-fr associations.

As part of his work he has made numerous presentations for Solution Linux in France, Libre Software Meeting, NordU, Linux World UK, Linux Expo Milano,, OSCON, Linux Symposium, Fosdem around various topics (High Availability, Deployment solutions, System management, Disaster Recovery, Package building, Cloud...)

Outside computers, Bruno also likes early and baroque music, singing and playing the recorder. He's married and father of 3 kids.