Barcelona, Spain
October 25-28, 2016

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karan Singh
Red Hat

Karan Singh is working as Senior Architect at Red Hat based in Germany. At Red Hat his responsibilities include designing, implementing and performance testing around Openstack, Ceph use cases like Data lake, NVF and edge computing. He is deeply involved in OpenStack & Ceph performance evaluation across wide range workloads and industry standard hardware from different manufacturers.


Karan has been working with OpenStack, Ceph, DevOps tools and helped building multiple public clouds at CSC-IT Center for Science where he worked before Red Hat.


Karan enjoys writing and has authored a few titles on Ceph


Learning Ceph :

Ceph Cookbook : 

Learning Ceph - Second Edition :

Ceph Cookbook - Second Edition :


He devotes a part of his time to R&D and learning new technologies. When not working on Ceph and OpenStack, Karan can be found working with emerging technologies or automating stuffs. He loves writing about technologies and is an avid blogger at