Barcelona, Spain
October 25-28, 2016

Speaker Details

Bryan Sullivan
Director of Service Standards, AT&T

Bryan L Sullivan is a vetran from AT&T having withered 4 generation of wireless  behind him and leading the Standardization of Service Enablers and Platforms from Redmond Wahsington, the good old AT&T Blues from early days of 3GPP & IMS. He recently took lead in Policy efforts in OPNFV and still a great handson guy, with his never say die approach to a problem which others will shudder to even take on the battle. A thourough gentleman with direct and honest approach and has shown leadership to drive Policy top down what Carriers need for Operational efficiency and Value add service offerings. He brings to this panel an OSS/BSS experience that needs Service Enablement through Standardization, a key factor where Policy is the right way bring Unity amongst the competiting standards. His presence give the team the balance that is needed in Policy Goverancne and Management of a large  Carrier like AT&T.