Barcelona, Spain
October 25-28, 2016

Speaker Details

Carl Baldwin
Neutron Developer

Carl Baldwin is a regular contributor Openstack's Neutron project and has been a core reviewer since 2014. He is the Neutron L3 Lieutenant. He started his career developing electronic design automation software with HP’s microprocessor design projects: PA-RISC and Itanium. Years later, he spent a short time on a few of HP's network attached storage products. He was drawn to computer networking. He consistently stepped outside his purview to weigh in on office networking issues as well as to provide expertise to the network design in the products.

In January, 2013, he got the opportunity to meet HP's new Neutron team in Fort Collins. He soon hired on to the team and has been enjoying it ever since. He is fascinated by network virtualization in the cloud.

Carl lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with his wife Emily, two daughters, and a son. He loves to run, hike, swim, mountain bike, and plays disc golf and volleyball. Otherwise, his hobbies look a lot like his work: writing software and tinkering with networking.