Barcelona, Spain
October 25-28, 2016

Speaker Details

Jason Grimm
Cisco Inc

I am a husband, father and maker of things. I have lived most of my life in downtown Atlanta, but I now reside on an 11-acre sustainable family farm 1 hour north of the city.

My background includes 25 years of IT experience, several certifications, various IT scar tissue and 2 technical degrees.  I am currently a Cloud Solutions Architect at Cisco and am pursuing my MIS degree at Georgia Tech. I have been working with OpenStack since the Essex release, have attended or spoken at the last 9 OpenStack summits.

I am a veteran technologist with experience ranging from Naval Intelligence, freelance consulting, start-up co-founder, and a decade of professional services with Dell. My focus has been on cloud technology for the last 5 years beginning with Crowbar at Dell in 2011, Fuel at Mirantis, RPC at Rackspace and now Metacloud at Cisco.

I am competent with Ruby, Python, Perl, BASH, and Java, but my greatest strengths are as a cross-discipline infrastructure architect designing and deploying complex OpenStack-based solutions and supporting sales, product and operations teams.

Jason Grimm