Barcelona, Spain
October 25-28, 2016

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Interop? You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means.

Increasingly, interoperability is the focus of conversation as we enter the era of multi cloud. Still up for debate though, is where exactly this compatibility should be focused: at the infrastructure or orchestration level? For example, at the infrastructure layer, the ability to perform actions between clouds using Federated Keystone to operate one cloud from another was demonstrated in Vancouver at the OpenStack Summit 2015. At the orchestration layer, we can focus on the interoperability of tools like Terraform and Heat across different clouds to achieve interoperability of your workloads. We’d also like to explore some interesting workload-based scenarios for demonstrating interoperability at both the infrastructure and orchestration levels (as guided by DefCore and tested by RefStack). Which path will lead to driving different clouds to support similar features while also providing the right feedback to the ecosystem? Join us for a spirited discussion!

What can I expect to learn?

The goal of this panel is to challenge common misunderstandings or definitions of Interop, and facilitate a call to action within the OpenStack community to explore areas we can seek to continue improving interoperability (whether this is meaningful at either the infrastructure or orchestration level).

Thursday, October 27, 9:50am-10:30am (7:50am - 8:30am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
RackN, CEO/Founder
Rob Hirschfeld has been involved in OpenStack since the earliest days with a focus on ops and building the infrastructure that powers cloud and storage.  He's hosting a podcast, L8istSh9y, focused on Edge, DevOps, Cloud and Open Source topics.  He's also deeply familar with open infrastructure from being co-Chair of the Kubernetes Cluster Ops and a four term OpenStack board member. The RackN... FULL PROFILE
Senior Strategic Program Manager
Chris Hoge is a Senior Strategic Program Manager for the OpenStack Foundation. He's been an active contributor to the Interop Working Group (formerly DefCore), and helps run the trademark program for the OpenStack Foundation. He also works on collaborations between the OpenStack and Kubernetes communities. Previously he worked as an OpenStack community manager and developer at Puppet Labs, and... FULL PROFILE
Paul Czarkowski is a Technical Lead at IBM Blue Box where he implements OpenStack for Enterprise clients.  When he isn't coding you can find him baking bread and winning cookoffs around Austin TX. FULL PROFILE
Technical Advocate, IBM Blue Box
Jason Kennedy is a Technical Advocate focused on IBM Blue Box. Prior to advocacy, he helped build the IBM Blue Box onboarding program, and is formerly a support engineer for Eucalyptus. He's involved in the local Cloud Foundry, Openstack & Google Developer Group meetups as an organizer.   FULL PROFILE