Barcelona, Spain
October 25-28, 2016

Event Details

Gluon - Accelerating Development of New Networking Services for OpenStack

AT&T has recently been driving the vendor community to come up with an NFV-ready networking architecture for OpenStack.  Working with OPNFV they identified a set of networking use-cases use-cases that are not cleanly addressed with Neutron.

Gluon is our initial attempt at creating a model-driven approach to implement these use cases.  We started by creating a new set of APIs specificially for L3 VPNs.  At OPNFV in Berlin we demonstrated interoperability between four vendors' SDN controllers within a single Openstack cloud.  Our framework allows us to create new network models rapidly, switch new models in and out without impact, and for those models to serve multiple controllers and clouds within a telco network.

In this panel we will discuss use cases needed by the operator; the networking services needed for these use cases; how the vendor community is participating in this engagement; and how we want to work with OpenStack to implement these services.

What can I expect to learn?
  • What was the scope of this challenge and how did we solve it?
  • Who are the partners of this successful engagement?
  • Why did this specific cooperation succeed?
  • How can this type of community effort be repeated?
  • What are the key NFV networking requirements?
  • How do we work in an area of continuing innovation?
Thursday, October 27, 4:40pm-5:20pm
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
AT&T, Assistant Vice President
As the AVP of Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Architecture & Strategy for AT&T, Toby Ford leads technology efforts around AT&T's cloud offerings both internally and externally focused. Currently, Mr. Ford is responsible for shepherding SDN and NFV projects on to AT&T’s Integrated Cloud platform. Toby served as CTO for USi, which was acquired by AT&T in 2006.... FULL PROFILE
Nokia Alcatel-Lucent
Director of Innovation at AT&T Foundry, Plano Vincent has been a coder, an engineer and an innovator for over 20 years.  He's worked with many emerging technologies from VoIP, Mobile Apps, IPTV, Connected Cars, and now the Openstack Cloud. At AT&T and Nokia, Vincent brings Innovation and Entreprenurial engagement to identify new market solutions, and to accelerate each company in... FULL PROFILE
An OpenStack developer and user since the Essex release, Ian works on the internals of Openstack, on applications to run on top of Openstack, and on making Openstack easy for people to use.  His current focus is in NFV, the work to use Openstack to provide virtual network functions in an OpenStack cloud for use in telco networks - a balancing act to get maximum performance from a cloud... FULL PROFILE
Juniper Networks
Systems ( Engineer | Administrator | Developer | insert title here..) with over 18 years of experience in building and running large networks (both server and network side), growing business, developing resources, keynotes, standards work, etc. Extensive sales, engineering and operational experience with service providers and web 2.0 companies. Recent focus has been helping drive and... FULL PROFILE
Jeff is driving NFV, Cloud, SDN, & IP strategy for Ericsson within North America.  He is an active member within the OpenStack, OPNFV, & OpenDaylight communities.  Jeff is an experienced technical and business leader with a proven record of accomplishments in the IP/Telecom industry.  He holds a Master of Software Engineer and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Southern... FULL PROFILE