Barcelona, Spain
October 25-28, 2016

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Message Routing: A Next-Generation Alternative to RabbitMQ

A broker can only scale so far.  The limitations of a broker-based messaging service are becoming apparent as Openstack deployments are pushed to ever higher scales and wider distributions.  An alternative to the broker-based message bus is needed.

This presentation will introduce that alternative.  With the Newton release, the Oslo.Messaging library now includes support for a highly scalable, distributed, and fault tolerant brokerless message bus based on message routing rather than queueing. With this new technology one can achieve high availability through redundancy rather than clustering.  This message bus is optimized for operation across geographically distant sites, allowing for cloud distribution not possible with the single or federated broker approach.

What can I expect to learn?

Attendees will learn about an innovative new alternative to the broker-centric model used for inter-project messaging. In this session we will demonstrate a distributed messaging backend based on a mesh of high performance message routers. This demonstration will show how availability and fault tolerance can be greatly increased for large scale geographically distributed deployments.

Tuesday, October 25, 3:55pm-4:35pm (1:55pm - 2:35pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Red Hat
Ken is an active contributor to the Oslo.Messaging library.  He is also a member of the Apache QPID project.  The Apache QPID project provides messaging tools based on the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) standard.  AMQP is an an open protocol for reliable, high-performance messaging systems.  He also has an extensive background developing software for the... FULL PROFILE
Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, Inc. - Enterprise Messaging
Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, Inc. - Enterprise Messaging FULL PROFILE