Barcelona, Spain
October 25-28, 2016

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Lessons Learned from a Large-Scale Telco OSP+SDN Deployment

In this talk we will discuss lessons learned from a Red Hat OpenStack deployment with a software-defined networking (SDN) provider in the telecommunications market in EMEA. We’ll share our initial level of experience with the specific product integrations and how we overcame the unique requirements of the environment, including:

  • Going from fully manual deployment to fully integrated
  • Unique requirements of the architecture and how we resolved them
  • The future of SDN and other service deployments in OpenStack Platform director

What can I expect to learn?
  • SDN integration challenges
  • Options on getting 3rd party SDN deployed with RHTOSP director
  • The future of service deployment in TripleO
Wednesday, October 26, 5:05pm-5:45pm (3:05pm - 3:45pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Sr. Principal Product Manager, OpenStack
Guil is an OpenStack Product Manager at RedHat focused on partner enablement. He works with internal and external engineering groups to leverage our partner value-add towards making OpenStack easier to consume. His personal mission is to remove barriers to entry in the OpenStack space. FULL PROFILE
Red Hat
I was technical Cloud Consultant at RedHat focused on OpenStack in  Red Hat Cloud Innovation Practice team (Coming from eNovance acquisition). Start from manages services on web hosting migrate to become DevOps on cloud solution and now OpenStack integrator. I now, I'm Technical Account Manager. I'm helpping customer to manage them OpenStack day after day, plan lifecycle and prepare futur... FULL PROFILE
My role is to lead and contribute to the delivery of Openstack Telco NFV projects based on Red Hat solutions and products.    FULL PROFILE