Barcelona, Spain
October 25-28, 2016

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Networking Approaches in a Container World

Networking has always been a complicated and delicate topic. It is even more complicated in the world of containers, where huge numbers of containers are continuously created and respawned across entire data centers. There are several container networking choices available, each one with a different implementation and its own peculiarities. The different approaches taken by the different vendors to solve the container networking question can make it daunting to picking the right one for your environment. This talk reviews how the major Linux Container networking solutions work: their implementation details, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they influence the deployment of distributed applications in both container only environments and mixed VM - Container environments.

What can I expect to learn?

The attendees can expect an overview of the major networking solutions currently available. At the end of the talk they will have all the tools required to make a conscious decision about the networking solution for their projects.

Tuesday, October 25, 12:15pm-12:55pm (10:15am - 10:55am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Software Engineer
Antoni is a founder and core contributor to Openstack Kuryr and works on related container efforts at Red Hat. He has contributed in the past to the networking stack of oVirt, Libvirt nova-docker and MidoNet. His recent focus has been on Container Software Defined Networking and Container Orchestration projects like Kubernetes, OpenShift and Swarm. FULL PROFILE
Flavio Castelli is the engineering manager for the containers team at SUSE. Flavio has been following Docker since its early days and focused on its integration within the openSUSE and SUSE ecosystems. Flavio developed experience in creating and managing systems while working on products such as SUSE Studio and SUSE Manager.Flavio is also a contributor to various open source projects. FULL PROFILE
Metaswitch Networks
Neil has been hacking on free software since the early 1990s, with contributions including to Emacs, Guile, Lilypond, QtMoko, the GTA04 phone project, oFono, FSO, OpenStack, Dnsmasq, Linux and Dasher. He's also worked for 20 years for Metaswitch (previously Data Connection) in the world of networking protocols, and happily those two strands of experience are now converged in Project Calico, an... FULL PROFILE