Barcelona, Spain
October 25-28, 2016

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Ironic Grenade: Blowing Up Our Upgrades.

Come and learn about the Ironic team’s efforts in making upgrade testing (Grenade) work. We will be discussing all the various obstacles and pitfalls that we ran into in getting Grenade to work for the Ironic project. Most everyone agrees that cloud upgrades need to be smooth, quick and reliable, with no downtime for data or the control plane. During the active code development processes it is very easy to break upgradability even with small changes. By adding larger features it becomes more likely. Ironic has become an actively developed project and in every release there are many new features added to Ironic. The Ironic Community decided that automated testing of upgrades was the #1 priority for Newton cycle. In this session, we will tell about the basic concepts of the testing of upgrades at the gates with help of Grenade. We highlight the difficulties faced by the Ironic team. Finally we will list what's currently being worked on and we'll look at the rolling upgrades roadmap.

What can I expect to learn?

How the Ironic project made Grenade work for them. This information could then be used by other projects to help them enable Grenade work Operators will receive the technical details of gate upgrades testing on example of establishing Grenade at Ironic project. Attendees will get to know the challenges faced by the Ironic team. That's why the session will be valuable not only for Ironic developers, but for everyone who wants to learn/setup/deep dive into upgrades testing for the OpenStack projects.

Thursday, October 27, 3:30pm-4:10pm (1:30pm - 2:10pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Advanced
Cloud Software Developer, Ironic Core Reviewer
John Villalovos has been working professionally on open-source software since 1998, while working for Intel Corporation. He is an active contributer in the OpenStack community as well as being a core reviewer for the Ironic bare-metal provisioning project. He currently lives in the Portland, Oregon, USA region with his wife. FULL PROFILE
Enthusiastic deployment engineer, joined Mirantis and OpenStack Community one year ago. He is currently contributing to Baremetal space in the Community and Mirantis. FULL PROFILE
Software engineer, he is currently a contributor and a core reviewer in OpenStack ironic project. FULL PROFILE