Barcelona, Spain
October 25-28, 2016

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Cinder Always On - Reliability And Scalability Guide

Cinder (OpenStack Block Storage project) can be found in >80% of OpenStack deployments. Configuring it to be robust, resilient and fast is important. However considering its high customizability, such as choice of deployment architecture, volume backend or backup backend, an always on Cinder is not a simple goal to achieve.

In this talk we will explain how Cinder can be deployed in ways guaranteeing increased reliability and performance, as close as possible to "always on". We will walk you through latest innovations that are letting you keep your control plane and data plane up during upgrades, increased load or when experiencing breakdowns. These features include:

  • cinder-volume service in A/A mode
  • rolling upgrades support
  • volume replication
  • volume migration

We will also share insight on the improvements in these matters that are planned for the future cycles.

What can I expect to learn?

Attendees should walk out from the session aware of presence of various Cinder features that increase its control and data plane availability and with knowledge how to use them correctly for different tasks.

Wednesday, October 26, 12:15pm-12:55pm (10:15am - 10:55am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Senior Software Engineer
Michał is software engineer working at Red Hat, engaged in OpenStack-related activities since Folsom release. Through Newton, Ocata and Pike cycles he was serving the OpenStack community as a core reviewer in Cinder, where he focused on control plane availability, scalability and upgradability. Now he's cracking similar problems in Kuryr, where he's former PTL and core reviewer of the... FULL PROFILE
Red Hat, Inc.
Gorka Eguileor is a Senior Principal Software engineer at Red Hat contributing primarily to the OpenStack's Block Storage Service, where he’s a Core Team member.  Besides contributing to the OpenStack ecosystem he is now also contributing to the new Ansible Storage Role, the CSI specifications, and Ember-CSI, a new Open Source multi-vendor CSI plugin. In previous lives he’s also worked on... FULL PROFILE