Barcelona, Spain
October 25-28, 2016

Event Details

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Hands-On Workshop: Learn About Microservices Architectures with Docker Swarm, Etcd, Kuryr, Neutron

Microservices architectures are revolutionizing the way software is envisioned and built. OpenStack has started to play a key role in enabling the microservices architectures and focused groups inside OpenStack community are working towards this goal: Magnum, Kuryr etc.
Docker is one of the key components here and combining them all, we get to build microservices architectures using tools like Docker Swarm, Etcd, Kuryr and Neutron. This workshop will provide attendees with the opportunity to gain experience with various Docker features and uses cases integrated with the OpenStack ecosystem. The lab will cover wide range of topics:

Introduction to Docker and OpenStack
Docker Swarm: Architecture and usage
Kuryr and Neutron: Architecture and usage with DevStack
Deploying Microservices
Breaking Docker, Kuryr and debugging it!

Attendees simply need to come in (with their laptop). Workshop speaker/organizer will provide instructions and will be available to answer any questions.

What can I expect to learn?

Attendees are expected to learn about Docker latest release, Docker Swarm orchestration, distributed Key/Value store like Etcd, Docker networking primitives, how Kuryr plugs into Docker, how Kuryr works and leverages OpenStack Neutron. Attendees will learn to use, deploy, hack and debug Docker, Etcd, Kuryr and Neutron.
The hands-on workshop will enable operators and developers to have a decent understanding of all the components above by the end of the session.

Tuesday, October 25, 11:25am-12:55pm (9:25am - 10:55am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Fawad has been a member of the OpenStack community for over four years and a core developer in the Networking ecosystem. He has contributions in several OpenStack projects including Neutron, Nova, Kuryr, Magnum, DevStack. He is also the author and maintainer of networking-plumgrid subproject under Neutron umbrella and has over four years experience in implementing software defined... FULL PROFILE