April 25-29, 2016

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Contributing to the Success of OpenStack

Mark is a long-time open-source practitioner and advocate. Alexis is a long-time Agile practitioner and advocate. In recent times, they find each other working very closely together, searching for ways to help Red Hat’s OpenStack team continuously improve its way of working.

Mark will spend some time describing his view of the key abstract ideas and principles that should influence the thinking of those leading, or contributing to, open-source projects. Alexis will spend a similar amount of time talking about the abstract ideas and principles from the Agile, DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and Lean movements that every software project should draw from.

Together they will draw some conclusions relevant to the OpenStack community in general, but particularly relevant to those who wish to both contribute to and build upon OpenStack. They expect this will contribute to an ongoing conversation to improve the way individuals and companies are contributing to the success of OpenStack.

What can I expect to learn?

Attendees should expect to hear some key insights about the values and principles advocated by the open-source and Agile movements. They will understand where these movements have a lot in common, but also where there are subtly different viewpoints.

But most importantly, attendees will learn from Alexis and Mark's earnest efforts to create an Agile software development organization and culture within Red Hat's OpenStack teams, while also ensuring that the developers concerned continue to be empowered to contribute to the project as individuals, and lead OpenStack to success.

Monday, April 25, 11:15am-11:55am (4:15pm - 4:55pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Advanced
Red Hat, Consulting Software Engineer
Mark McLoughlin has spent over 15 years contributing to and leading open source projects such as GNOME, Fedora, KVM, qemu, libvirt, oVirt, and OpenStack. Mark is Senior Director of Engineering for OpenStack at Red Hat, and has lead Red Hat’s OpenStack efforts since 2011. As an OpenStack contributor, he created the Oslo project, contributed heavily to Nova, and was elected both to the... FULL PROFILE
Red Hat
Alexis Monville is building high impact sustainable open source organizations. Alexis joined Red Hat in 2014 with eNovance acquisition. Alexis brings more than 20 years of operations and management experience. Alexis was Chief Agility Officer of eNovance, tasked to create an agile and collaborative culture in order to deliver continuous innovation and customer value – transforming how... FULL PROFILE