April 25-29, 2016

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A Little of What You Fancy: Multi-Hypervisor Cloud Deployment with Hyper-V, KVM and LXD

For clouds running mixed operating system workloads, sometimes the right choice of hypervisor is not to always use KVM; Learn how to deploy and use OpenStack clouds that make use of multiple hypervisors in a single compute region in a seamless way, providing the ability to deploy each type of workload on the best hypervisor choice.






What can I expect to learn?

How to deploy a multi-hypervisor openstack cloud.

How to configure the cloud to work well with multiple hypervisor types.

How Open vSwitch integrates with Windows as part of OpenStack.

Wednesday, April 27, 3:30pm-4:10pm (8:30pm - 9:10pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Canonical, Principal Engineer
James Page is an Ubuntu and Debian Developer and previous PTL of the OpenStack Charms project. James is currently focussed on distribution and deployment of OpenStack on Ubuntu and currently works for Canonical as Technical Architect of the OpenStack Engineering team. FULL PROFILE
Cloudbase Solutions Srl
Gabriel has been involved in systems engineering and operations for the past 10+ years, mixing systems administration with development whenever needed. He has a background in deploying and managing large scale web services mostly on GNU/Linux systems. In 2013 he became part of an amazing startup called Cloudbase Solutions which focuses on cloud computing interoperability. Based in Timisoara,... FULL PROFILE