April 25-29, 2016

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Quantifying the Noisy Neighbor Problem in Openstack

Two of the desirable features for private clouds are better control and predictable performance. Although public clouds have been extensively researched to characterize their unpredictable performance, private clouds have received less scrutiny.

In this talk, we will present how production workloads interfere with each other in an Openstack based cloud. We draw lessons from a several month long study of running workloads in different configurations on highly available implementation of Openstack. We study the impact of noisy neighbors on the network and storage IO performance of applications. We also look at the performance metrics of Openstack control plane and how the API calls are impacted with more number of entities like networks, routers, VMs, volumes. Our study relies on a tool that we developed to create clean and noisy workload deployments, using micro-benchmarks as well as enterprise workloads such as Hadoop, Jenkins and Redis.

What can I expect to learn?

Attendees will learn about the following three topics:

1) A novel tool that we developed to generate and collect workload metrics in an automated manner. The tool can put workloads across a set of hosts to evaluate different networking configurations such as VMs on same/different host and same/different subnet. Using the tool, we also created set ups with zero or more routers for VM traffic and different storage backends in terms of a local and shared storage system.

2) A performance evaluation study of various interesting configurations in terms of network topologies, CPU/memory over-commitment and storage topologies. The data is collected over several weeks and consists of thousands of data points for different configurations.

3) Based on this study, we show that there is quite a bit of interferance in a general Openstack based cloud. We did the root cause analysis of these problems and suggest various optimizations and best practices to fix these problems.



Thursday, April 28, 9:50am-10:30am
Level: Advanced
Ajay leads ZeroStack’s innovative team and corporate strategy. Ajay was a senior architect and R&D lead at VMware where he designed flagship products including Storage I/O control, Storage DRS and DRS. He has also presented talks at several VMworld events and academic conferences like OSDI, FAST, Sigmetrics, on virtualization, resource managment and isolation in a cloud... FULL PROFILE
I am a graduate student at Computer Science department of University of British Columbia. I worked with OpenStack last 5 years, 3 years using Openstack for production and another 2 years in an academic research setting. I mostly focus on Openstack APIs, QoS and performance. FULL PROFILE
Gautam is an Engineer with diverse interests and experiences in systems and networking. He currently works on challenging problems in networks and distributed systems at ZeroStack. In recent years he has been active in data center networking at all layers - the ASIC data plane, forwarding software, the kernel networking stack, routing protocols and the management plane. He has... FULL PROFILE