April 25-29, 2016

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Swisscom in Production with OpenStack and Cloud Foundry

Swisscom has one of the largest in-production industry standard Platform as a Service built on OpenStack. Their offering is focused on providing an enterprise-grade PaaS environment to customers worldwide and with various delivery models based on Cloud Foundry and OpenStack. Swisscom embarked early on the OpenStack journey to deploy their app cloud partnering with Red Hat, Cloud Foundry, and PLUMgrid. With services such as MongoDB, MariaDB, RabbitMQ, ELK, and an object storage, the PaaS cloud offers what developers need to get started right away. Join this panel for take-away lessons on Swisscom’s journey, the technologies, partnerships, and developers who are building apps everyday on Swisscom’s OpenStack cloud.

What can I expect to learn?

Attendees will learn valuable tips and take-away lessons on building PaaS and rolling it out in production.

Monday, April 25, 4:40pm-5:20pm (9:40pm - 10:20pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Pere is the co-founder and CTO at PLUMgrid where he builds innovative solutions in the areas of SDN and Cloud. Before founding PLUMgrid, Pere was a Distinguished Engineer at Cisco Systems in the Research and Advanced Development team, where he led innovation in the areas of cloud, security and converged infrastructure. Prior to that, he was responsible for the architecture and technology of... FULL PROFILE
VP Technology, Cloud Foundry Foundation
Chip Childers is the Technology Chief of Staff for the Cloud Foundry Foundation. Previously, he was Vice President of Product Strategy at CumuLogic. Prior to CumuLogic, Chip spent over 15 years in engineering leadership positions within the service provider industry. He has served on the board of directors for the DMTF. He is also a member of The Apache Software Foundation, where he has served... FULL PROFILE
Marcel Haerry is leading the architecture of Swisscom's OpenStack based environments. With the goal of providing an elastic environment for modern platforms, such as PaaS based on CloudFoundry. Having both a system and software engineering background and years of participation within devops-minded community (e.g. Puppet), he is seeking for an automated and continuously integrated delivery of... FULL PROFILE
Chief Technologist, Red Hat, Inc
Chris Wright is the Chief Technologist at Red Hat where he is leading engineers who work on cloud computing, distributed storage, network virtualization, containers, and continuous delivery.  During his more than 20 years as a software engineer he has worked in the telecom industry on high availability and distributed systems and in the Linux industry on security, virtualization, and... FULL PROFILE
Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading
My research focuses on how innovation and change are impacting the compute, network and storage infrastructure domains within the data centers of telecom operators. This includes particular emphasis on trends such as virtualization, disaggregation and convergence. Trends that I monitor on an on-going basis include how open source is impacting the development process for telecom, and how telco... FULL PROFILE