April 25-29, 2016

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Neutron Quality of Service, New Features And Future Roadmap.

Starting at Liberty, the Neutron team introduced the Quality of Service framework, the initial stone to provide quality of service settings on the Neutron networking API.

The initial implementation only supported VM-egress bandwidth policing, addressing the chatty neighbour use case, and letting CSPs provide different levels of network service if they wanted.

In Mitaka, two new features are being introduced:

  • DSCP rules, to mark and prioritize traffic at L3 level.
  • Role based access control for QoS policies, allowing a finer grade of sharing for QoS policies, the administrator would be able to share specific policies with specific tenants, oposed to the previous (share/no share to all the tenants).

Also support has been extended from the OVS and SRIOV agents, to Linux Bridge, while OVN is also considering to implement QoS support too.

What can I expect to learn?

Attendees should learn about the newest QoS features that have been introduced to Neutron during this cycle.

Thursday, April 28, 1:30pm-2:10pm (6:30pm - 7:10pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
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