Vancouver, BC
May 21-24, 2018

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VNF Onboarding - Why it is hard and what to do about it

In the NFV space, early adopters have struggled with onboarding new Virualized Network Functions and Network Functions due to the diversity of those products, the orchestrators and VIMs they are being deployed on.  While the world drags standards to completion, there are still real world and practical challenges that need to be addressed.

The VNF Onboarding open sourced project has sprung to life to create community driven tools to automate and simplify authoring blueprints for various orchestrators and VIMs, especially different versions of Openstack across different Hypervisors.  This session will walk us through those tools, the design and strategy behind them and call to action any community members who would like to contribute to furthering the code base. 

What can I expect to learn?

Understand the struggles and complexities in onboarding VNFs

Introduction and technical deep dive in to the VNF Onboarding Open Source Project and the roadmap

Practical examples and hands on presentations of the tools and capabilities

Call to action on how you can participate in hackathons, contribute to the design or the codebase

Thursday, May 24, 3:10pm-3:20pm
Difficulty Level: Advanced
Layer123 NFV Advisory Panel, Committee Member
With over 25 years experience in various roles in network and system architecture, mobile video system architecture and governance in both telco and  retail sectors, Van has developed a diverse toolset.  Van spent much of her career as a contractor, working for every telco as well as major retailers in Canada over the years.  Having worked as everything from unix sysadmin to... FULL PROFILE
Accedian, VP Marketing
Kaela is the VP of Channels & Marketing for Netrounds and is responsible for driving engaging external communications and branding strategies, as well as translating market expectations to sales engagement support. Prior to Netrounds, Kaela held roles within business development, marketing, and program management, focusing on OEM and technology alliances. She has also assisted with the... FULL PROFILE
Intel Corporation
Adrian Hoban is a Principal Engineer in Intel's Data Center Solutions Group and the Technical Steering Committee chair for the Open Source MANO project. In Intel he is the system architect responsible for orchestration of Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualisation and leads the Intel team on OpenStack contributions in this area. He specialises in open source... FULL PROFILE