Vancouver, BC
May 21-24, 2018

Speaker Details

Vanessa Little
Director - Global NFV Ecosystem Architecture

With over 25 years experience in various roles in network and system architecture, mobile video system architecture and governance in both telco and  retail sectors, Van has developed a diverse toolset.  Van spent much of her career as a contractor, working for every telco as well as major retailers in Canada over the years.  Having worked as everything from unix sysadmin to Chief Technical Officer with a number of leadership roles in between, Van has contributed to technologies from mobile, enterprise data centre, multi-national networks and beyond. 

Now at VMware as the Director - Global NFV Ecosystem Architecutre Van is focused on leading integrated architectures that integrate all of the NFV partners across the globe in useful NFV solutions that solve for specific problems.  This role has her speaking at conferences around the world, and spreading the word about the strength of the NFV Ecosystem.

A member of Women of Openstack, and Women in Comms, Van is active in showcasing and championing women in tech fields.   Currently splitting her time in various open source communities, Van is the current Chair of Technical Steering Committee of Open Source Mano, is a member of the Layer 123 NFV advisory board, and spear headed the VNF Onboarding open source community aka project bellhop.

Van attended the University of Toronto where she majored in Computer Science and Astro-Physics.  Van currently makes her home in Toronto Canada, where she enjoys spending her free time playing hockey, tennis and fishing.