Vancouver, BC
May 21-24, 2018

Event Details

Distributed File Storage in Multi-Tenant Clouds using CephFS

CephFS provides a fault-tolerant, elastic, scalable open source file store that leverages the same distributed Ceph storage cluster that many already use to provide OpenStack object and block storage solutions.

We'll cover how Manila has been extended to support export of shares backed by CephFS via the widely-used NFS protocol to tenant VMs, reasons for using NFS instead of or in addition to using native CephFS as the share protocol, and current and planned approaches to solve multi-tenancy, performance, and scale-out issues.

This talk will be of immediate practical interest to cloud operators who have or are planning to use Ceph clusters for object and block storage and want to use the same cluster for shared file services as well as to those more generally interested in Manila, distributed file systems, or Ceph evolution.


What can I expect to learn?
  •  Background in manila, cephfs, and nfs ganesha
  • Deployment at scale with the *native* cephfs storage back end
  • Deployment with the CephNFS storage back end
  • Futures including:

        - active-active CephNFS gateways

        - dynamic launch and scale out of CephNFS gateways per tenant

        - NFS performance improvements

        - file service to containers and clients outside OpenStack proper





Wednesday, May 23, 12:20pm-12:30pm
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Red Hat
Tom serves as PTL for the OpenStack Manila project and works as software engineer for Red Hat. He started late in the Juno release, working at first on NetApp Cinder drivers, and then moving on to work on core Cinder code, especially the Cinder backup service.  Starting around the mitaka cycle, he began working primarily on Manila but he maintains a keen interest in sharing solutions... FULL PROFILE
Red Hat
Ramana Raja is an upstream contributor currently working on integrating CephFS with OpenStack Manila. He's been involved in the Manila project since the Juno release. Besides the OpenStack project, he's contributed to other popular open source projects such as Ceph and Gluster. FULL PROFILE
Red Hat, Inc., Software Engineer
Patrick Donnelly is a software engineer at Red Hat, Inc. working as the project team lead for the Ceph distributed file system. In 2016 he completed his Ph.D. in computer science at the University of Notre Dame with a dissertation on the topic of file transfer management in active storage cluster file systems. He has given talks at conferences including IEEE CCGrid, IEEE CloudCom, IEEE/ACM... FULL PROFILE