Vancouver, BC
May 21-24, 2018

Speaker Details

Tom Barron
Red Hat

Tom serves as PTL for the OpenStack Manila project and works for Red Hat as a principal software engineer.

Besides working to maintain the health and vitality of the Manila project, Tom has a passion for production quality open source storage back ends like CephFS and for using Manila as general purpose cloud infrastructure to serve more than just Nova compute instances.

Tom started late in the Juno release, working at first on NetApp Cinder drivers, and then moving on to work on core Cinder code, especially the Cinder backup service.  Starting around the mitaka cycle, he began working primarily on Manila but he maintains a keen interest in sharing solutions between the two projects.

Tom has worked as a developer and as a deployer of a variety of storage and network technologies over the course of his career.  He really enjoys the chance to apply this experience working on open source, especially a project with the reach and impact of OpenStack.