November 6-8, 2017

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How China Railway Leverage Open Source Cloud to Achieve Business Innovation

China Railway is the great artery of the Chinese economy, which has a special status and function in economic and social development. To support the new type of service, such as railway passenger and freight service、operation and development, which are represented by 12306 and 95306, to meet the development needs of railway management innovation, business innovation and application innovation, China Railway ITC adopts open source cloud computing technology to build the industry private cloud -"SinoRail Cloud". This topic shares the construction experience of the "SinoRail Cloud" from the aspects of demand analysis、route selection and construction status, analyzes the importance of open source cloud to railway informatization construction and the prospect of open source cloud to promote railway business innovation, discuss the trend and direction of cloud computing in large traditional enterprises.

What can I expect to learn?

Technical aspects:

1. Focus on the stability and ease of use of OpenStack products.The "SinoRail  Cloud" will be applied in industry production, research and development, which asked for industry to provide a stable and easy to use private cloud products, so stable and easy to use throughout the product design, development, testing and other stages.including the installation of the products, a large number of installation and deployment automation; In response to the user's requirements, a large number of front-end functions have been modified to optimize the customer experience.

2. Focus on overall monitoring and automation of cloud platforms

3. Large scale deployment experience has been gained in the optimization of the relevant codes and configuration parameters of OpenStack's large-scale deployment.

4. Boldly try to align third-party commercial products with OpenStack,implemented a nanotube based on the OpenStack architecture for VMware virtualization and IBM Power virtualization.

5. The "SinoRail Cloud" provides heterogeneous virtualized nanotubes at large function points, which can be combined with various storage: local, distributed storage, FC, NAS, etc.

6. Support for PaaS such as DBaaS and HADOOPaaS;

7. On the small feature point, virtual optical drive, log module, vm high availability are supported;

8. On the architecture, support large-scale cluster deployment,we have validated that put 800 servers in the same region, they can stable operation, support control node's high availability (separation of various tuning, especially, speaking, reading and writing, messaging, memcache changes, etc.)under the large scale.

Case application aspects:

Currently in railway corporation issue deployment project total about 700 multiple nodes, project overall construction progress smoothly.according to the engineering design planning,we are deploying passenger transport, freight transport, railway dispatching, Locomotive management and public foundation platform five categories, a total of 15 application, application migration and deployment is underway, the general use is in good condition.

1. How to support the business more quickly and flexibly, greatly improve the equipment utilization level?

2. How to achieve the savings of 46% of IT energy consumption in the future of the data center?

3. How to effectively control the cost of IT construction in large enterprises?

4. How to make IT operational management more refined, more scalable and more intensive?


Wednesday, November 8, 11:50am-12:30pm (12:50am - 1:30am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Director of Technical Support Dept.
MingXing Gao engaged in the development and construction of railway information system, operation maintenance and technical support,have rich experience in computer application system development, system platform construction and operation and maintenance management;As a major personnel involved in the software development of a number of railway important applications such as the transport... FULL PROFILE