November 6-8, 2017

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Director of Technical Support Dept.

MingXing Gao engaged in the development and construction of railway information system, operation maintenance and technical support,have rich experience in computer application system development, system platform construction and operation and maintenance management;As a major personnel involved in the software development of a number of railway important applications such as the transport management information system (TMIS),as the main personnel involved in railway customer service, electronic payment platform, Internet ticketing, freight electronic commerce, transport dispatching management and other railway information systems engineering construction,as the main personnel involved in information system disaster backup, information new technology application, integrated operation and maintenance management and other railway research projects.Hosted and developed basic platform software such as SRIE ITSM monitoring management and SRCloud platform managementIn 2004, won the honorary title of "ministry of railway youth science and technology". Published nearly 25 papers;Won the first prize of railway science and technology progress, and the second prize of science and technology progress of the ministry of railways 3 times.