November 6-8, 2017

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Integrating OpenContrail into the OpenStack Neutron Stadium

This talk will present a progress report and future plans for gluing together Neutron Service Plugins with OpenContrail using the standard driver model that has been followed by other SDN controllers. We will discuss current Neutron Service Plugins as well as Protons from the Gluon project and the work involved with mapping these APIs onto the Contrail API via pluggable drivers.

Wednesday, November 8, 4:00pm-4:10pm
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Juniper Networks Inc
Product Marketing Manager at Juniper Networks. FULL PROFILE
Juniper Networks
Sukhdev Kapur is Distinguished Engineer at Juniper Networks. He is part of Contrail Software Development team. He has been actively contributing to the development of Neutron, Ironic, and other OpenStack projects. Sukhdev is a networking veteran with over 20 years experience in highly available distributed systems, cloud computing, virtualization, disaster recovery, policy based... FULL PROFILE
Bin Hu is an innovation thought-leader and instrumental in diverse technology domains ranging from mobile Internet and web platform to network virtualization, SDN and cloud computing. He currently focuses on implementing AT&T's open source strategy in NFV, Edge and 5G. Bin is the Chairman of OPNFV TSC and Convener of OPNFV's Technical Community, driving OPNFV's technical vision and... FULL PROFILE