November 6-8, 2017

Speaker Details

Sukhdev Kapur
Distinguished Engineer

Sukhdev Kapur is Distinguished Engineer at Juniper Networks. He is part of Contrail Software Development team. He is driving the 5G, Edge, and Cloud Native initiatives. He is on the TSC (Technical Steering Committee) of Akraino Edge Stack as well as Tungsten Fabric. He is active contributor in CNTT, active participant in TIP, and CNCF TUG.  He was active contributor to the development of Neutron, Ironic, and other OpenStack projects as well. 

Sukhdev is a networking veteran with over 20 years experience in highly available distributed systems, cloud computing, virtualization, disaster recovery, policy based mobile workloads management, and software defined networks. He has held architectural positions in Arista Networks, F5, Cisco, Alteon, and others. 

Sukhdev holds several patents in cloud computing, hierarchical data center deployments, cloud based disaster recovery, high availability, data center fabric automation,  etc.