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Manila CSI

Operators and developers will discuss the new Manila Cloud Storage Interface plugin for Kubernetes and other Container Orchestrators. 

Potential topics:

  • Manila side deployment
    • Share Types, file sharing protocols, back ends
    • Multi-Tenancy
      • Exposing different back ends and protocols to different CO clusters
  • CO admin concerns
    • Helm charts vs Operators
    • Storage Class definition
  • End user use cases for Manila backed PVs, e.g.
    • RWX vs RWO
    • rolling upgrades for StatefulSets
  • Container Orchestrators on VMs or bare metal?
  • Shared Storage across CO instances and between CO instances and workloads on Nova or Ironic instances

What can I expect to learn?
  • What the heck is Manila CSI
  • Who is already using it, or its precursors
  • What are the use cases for Manila CSI
  • How to set up Manila and Kubernetes to work together
  • How to support multiple Kubernetes clouds with Manila CSI in the same OpenStack
  • What communities to work with, and  how to work with them for future development
Monday, November 4, 1:20pm-2:00pm (5:20am - 6:00am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Red Hat
Tom serves as PTL for the OpenStack Manila project and works for Red Hat as a principal software engineer. Besides working to maintain the health and vitality of the Manila project, Tom has a passion for production quality open source storage back ends like CephFS and for using Manila as general purpose cloud infrastructure to serve more than just Nova compute instances. Tom started late in the... FULL PROFILE
Red Hat, Senior Software Developer
Goutham is an active contributor to OpenStack Shared File Systems (manila), Block Storage (cinder), UX (openstackcli, openstacksdk) projects. Prior to OpenStack, he has worked on several projects involving data protection across storage systems. Aside from his code contributions, Goutham spends a lot of his time building cross project synchronization and advocating for user experience and API... FULL PROFILE
Software engineer at Red Hat
Victoria is a software developer at Red Hat and core member of Trove and Zaqar projects. She is a former GNOME Outreach Program for Women intern and Google Summer of Code intern. She is FOSS passionate and loves to help newcomers to get involved with OpenStack. FULL PROFILE