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Zuul, the Third – Throws Away Any Dirt! A quick-start introduction

The golden maxim says one should always find the right tool for the job. While there are often many excellent choices, some tools offer particularly specialized features that can make them best solution available on the market. Even better if this solution is open and extensible – and so is true for Zuul!

During the talk we will present you a tool that currently drives one of the largest testing infrastructures in the world of open source software. Born as a support for Jenkins, Zuul has evolved and now - in version 3 - it is already a complete, mature and independent system for automation of CI/CD processes. We will talk about it's components, introduce it's principles and the way it works. Finally we will briefly compare Zuul with other popular tools and we will guide you on running the sample installation to start working with this great tool.

What can I expect to learn?

The attenders will learn all necessary fundamentals about the Zuul v3. Regardless of whether the attendant is / will be just a user or an operator, it will help to understand what the tool is capable of and how to quickly deploy development instance for further learning / playing.

Wednesday, November 6, 1:40pm-2:20pm (5:40am - 6:20am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
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