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Quick, Solid, and Automatic - OpenStack Bare-metal Orchestration

Bare-metal on OpenStack is the trend, and if we can add orchestration around bare-metal will bring you automatic management around the town. But how we orchestrate over bare-metal servers? Is it just the same as orchestrating over VMs? Which services do we need to have a full running bare-metal orchestration service? And how about the performance and what workflow changing when you adding automatic functionality (like self-healing or autoscaling)? In this presentation will introduce bare-metal on OpenStack, and go through detail on how can you use Ironic and Heat to manage your baremetal servers in automatic way.

With Baremetal become one common use case OpenStack have. Does OpenStack innovate fast enough for the needs? What's the community' plan/works? And I think what's important question for you, is baremetal on OpenStack a good choice? we will introduce how can we keep it quick, solid and automatic to support baremetal application infrastructure.

What can I expect to learn?
  • Sharing the current status of OpenStack baremetal and orchestration, and future plans
  • Learning the performance, ability and limitation of automatic baremetal.
  • Learning how to provide automatic to your baremetal application infrastructure in detail.
Monday, November 4, 1:20pm-2:00pm (5:20am - 6:00am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Red Hat, Senior Principal Software Engineer
Julia is not your typical engineer. She started her career in networking and eventually shifted to systems engineering. The DevOps movement lead her into software development and the operationalization of software due to the need to automate large scale systems deployments. She is experienced in conveying an operational perspective while bridging that with requirements, and doesn’t mind... FULL PROFILE
EasyStack, Software Engineer
Rico Lin, OpenStack Technical Committee (TC) member, Heat PTL in the past cycles, char for Auto-scaling SIG, software engineer, EasyStack. Experienced on OpenStack develop(infra and app), Cloud architect, Container(docker and k8s), community(contribute and event host), and customer tech consults and supports. Goals in OpenStack: * Improve experiences of Cloud native... FULL PROFILE