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Airship resiliency framework using k8s Argo workflows

Post deployment of OpenStack via Airship there is no mechanism to validate the resiliency of the deployed services. This is even bigger challenge in a more complex deployments which are bound by SLAs(5-9s uptime). Validating and continuously performing resiliency checks is a challenge.

What we need is tooling that can invoke the traffic to the Airship services and  simultaneously launching a chaos-agent which induces failures against target services or random failure of services or power off one of the controller nodes. 

Proposal here is to develop a standalone stateless automation utility to test various components using a configurable test-client based on yaml template which a torpedo metacontroller processes and generates an argo DAG template which would initiate the traffic, chaos and test analyser jobs against a target Airship environment. 

What can I expect to learn?

This talk will 

- Introduce Torpedo framework

- Different components of the framework

- How to add test cases to Torpedo

- How to run resiliency tests using Torpedo

- Demo

Wednesday, November 6, 9:50am-10:30am (1:50am - 2:30am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Ericsson Global India Pvt Ltd
Hemanth works with Ericsson Inc as Solution Architect contributing to AT&T Network Cloud with focus on Solutioning, Airship/OpenStack/Openstack-Helm feature enhancements and the ecosystem opensource tools. Prior to Ericsson, he has worked with TCS Cloud R&D labs designing solution accelerators on OpenStack/NFV/SDN platform. FULL PROFILE
Python, Openstack and Kubernetes Developer, Imaginea
Kiriti works as a developer in Imaginea Technologies contributing to AT&T Network Cloud with focus on Solutioning, Airship/OpenStack feature enhancements and the ecosystem opensource tools. Prior to Imaginea, he has worked with Persistent Systems on various deployments and development/customizations to OpenStack platform. FULL PROFILE
Imaginea Inc., Sr. Development Engineer
Gurpreet works with Imaginea Technologies as Sr. Development Engineer contributing ATt&T Network cloud with focus on solutioning and Airship feature enhancements. FULL PROFILE
Ericsson India Global Services Private Limited, Solution Architect
Pradeep Kumar, currently working as a NFVi Solution Architect at Ericsson India Pvt Ltd. He has worked on various flagship cloud programs including Openstack, Platform management, SaaS(Software-as-a-Service) Integration projects and also has been an avid language-agnostic programmer contributing to many of the Opensource projects on cloud including OpenStack. In the recent past, Pradeep has... FULL PROFILE