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Free breakfast for your staff before investing in the latest tech like AI and Blockchain makes sense

We will show why it makes more sense investing money in the health and happiness of the tech staff rather than investing in the latest tech. Great buzzwords like Blockchain, AI and next gen SIEM all want you to invest in order to decrease your risk of a security breach. But the highest probability of a catastrophic security breach comes from human error. As long as you have a traditional firewall and you lock the datacenters you are pretty well covered techwise, sending investments into the staff will lower the probability of Ooopsies a lot more per dollar spent. We will show you case data on how to start building a security culture and the benefits of stop multitasking. We will explain why security culture starts with human needs and how you can meet them with team dynamics.

What can I expect to learn?

The latest research and statistics on catastrophic security failures and examples on how to mitigate them. 

We will compare investments in the latest security tech vs investments in staff wellbeing. What decreases your actual risks the most?

What are team dynamics and how does team dynamics affect security?


Monday, November 4, 4:50pm-5:30pm (8:50am - 9:30am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Beginner
City Network Hosting AB
Hello, fellow sentient beings! I am a specialist in implementing cybersecurity and regulatory compliance in cloud environments. For the last seven years, my focus has been designing innovative solutions that meet the highest security demands and the strictest compliance demands based on open-source software.  I have a background as a developer that happened to be interested in regulatory... FULL PROFILE
City Network Hosting AB, Senior Systems Engineer, Linux & Automation
Erik has been working with software development at companies such as Fujitsu and Ericsson. He has a background in IT security and now works as Senior Systems Engineer at City Network, with focus on Linux and Automation.   FULL PROFILE