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Leveraging OpenStack IaaS to run a Cloud CI/CD pipeline

Over the last year, the SUSE Cloud CI/CD strategy has undergone a series of major improvements designed to meet the challenges of simultaneously maintaining two OpenStack Lifecycle Management products, optimizing infrastructure resource utilization and performance, extending test coverage and speeding up maintenance update release cycles.

The result is a fully automated CI/CD pipeline powered by a versatile test automation toolchain that is able to consume either bare-metal or OpenStack IaaS resources in order to reliably deploy and test a wide variety of OpenStack cloud configurations.

The presentation will provide technical insight into the decisions that we had to make and the difficulties that we had to overcome, with a special focus on migrating Cloud CI/CD workloads away from dedicated hardware clusters and into an OpenStack private cloud and implementing an efficient CI/CD pipeline for an OpenStack Cloud product.

What can I expect to learn?

Our journey of implementing a CI/CD pipeline for the SUSE Cloud products will give you an insight into the following:

  • designing a CI/CD pipeline for an OpenStack Cloud product or two
  • leveraging OpenStack Heat to deploy a virtual environment running OpenStack
  • tuning a virtual environment for increased performance
  • difficulties with nested virtualization - how to address them
  • managing virtual resource usage with Jenkins
  • ensuring reliable and reproducible test results even with a less
    reliable infrastructure
  • ideas for further improvement
Monday, November 4, 2:05pm-2:15pm (6:05am - 6:15am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
SUSE, Cloud Software Developer
OpenStack Cloud Developer @ SUSE FULL PROFILE
SUSE, Product Owner
Rick Salevsky is currently working as a Product Owner in the SUSE OpenStack Cloud Team. His current focus is around Release Engineering and CI. He is doing professional software development since more 7 years and is following OpenStack since 4 years. FULL PROFILE