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NFV(Network Function Virtualization) orchestration by Airship

OpenStack has become the de-facto standard platform for running VNFs (Virtual Network Function). As network performance is key for many VNFs, OpenStack allows to utilize high-performance dataplanes, such as OpenVswitch with DPDK (OVS-DPDK). The Airship project builds tooling for deploying and managing OpenStack on Kubernetes by leveraging openstack-helm. Until recently, openstack-helm and Airship did not provide support for OVS-DPDK. So, we have made the effort to bring support for OVS-DPDK to openstack-helm and Airship.

In this session we are going to share how we enabled OVS-DPDK in Airship and demonstrate the end-to-end deployment flow of OVS-DPDK in Airship. Moreover, we will talk about the implementation details such as creating DPDK-enabled docker images for OVS, handling hugepage allocation for DPDK in openstack-helm and Kubernetes, CPU pinning, etc.

What can I expect to learn?

1. The use cases for OVS-DPDK in Airship

2. The technical details of our implementation in Airship and openstack-helm

3. End-to-end deployment of Airship airsloop in pure virtual env.

Monday, November 4, 10:50am-11:30am
Will be recorded
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Intel - Open Source Technology Center
Cheng Li has 3 years experiences on OpenStack, focus on neutron/cinder project. Also work on openstack automation deployment, i.e. ansible, docker/kubernetes, openstack-helm. FULL PROFILE
Ericsson, Senior Systems Designer
Georg is a Senior Systems Designer at Ericsson, working mainly on SDN and NFV. He is an active member of the OPNFV community, being the PTL of the Dovetail project and contributing to the OPNFV Verified Program and the OPNFV testing community. In OpenStack, he is an active member of the Interop WG. Previously, he was the PTL of the OPNFV NetReady project. In addition to his activities in... FULL PROFILE
   May, 2017, Join the OpenStack Foundation , mainly focuses on OpenStack neutron and octavia project, now working for Inspur in OpenStack  network team. My  research interests are NFV,SDN and OVS optimization, Over past two years I have spent much time on virtual network technology, and now I am currently participating in some projects which demand high quality of network performance... FULL PROFILE