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NFV(Network Function Virtualization) orchestration by Airship

OpenStack has become the de-facto standard platform for running VNFs (Virtual Network Function). As network performance is key for many VNFs, OpenStack allows to utilize high-performance dataplanes, such as OpenVswitch with DPDK (OVS-DPDK). The Airship project builds tooling for deploying and managing OpenStack on Kubernetes by leveraging openstack-helm. Until recently, openstack-helm and Airship did not provide support for OVS-DPDK. So, we have made the effort to bring support for OVS-DPDK to openstack-helm and Airship.

In this session we are going to share how we enabled OVS-DPDK in Airship and demonstrate the end-to-end deployment flow of OVS-DPDK in Airship. Moreover, we will talk about the implementation details such as creating DPDK-enabled docker images for OVS, handling hugepage allocation for DPDK in openstack-helm and Kubernetes, CPU pinning, etc.

What can I expect to learn?

1. The use cases for OVS-DPDK in Airship

2. The technical details of our implementation in Airship and openstack-helm

3. End-to-end deployment of Airship airsloop in pure virtual env.

Monday, November 4, 10:50am-11:30am (2:50am - 3:30am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Intel Corporation, Software Engineer
Cheng Li has 3 years experiences on OpenStack, focus on neutron/cinder project. Also work on openstack automation deployment, i.e. ansible, docker/kubernetes, openstack-helm. FULL PROFILE
Inspur Corporation, Software Engineer
   May, 2017, Join the OpenStack Foundation , mainly focuses on OpenStack neutron and octavia project, now working for Inspur in OpenStack  network team. My  research interests are NFV,SDN and OVS optimization, Over past two years I have spent much time on virtual network technology, and now I am currently participating in some projects which demand high quality of network performance... FULL PROFILE