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Unleashing the power of Fabric: Orchestrating new performance features for SR-IOV VNFs

There are lot of SRIOV features which are not yet exposed to cloud to make the best use of the underlying fabric ethernet and due to lack of tooling on kernel and OS these features couldn’t be used by Virtual Network Functions workloads. This presentation will explain all the new NIC card features that can be used by SRIOV workloads to get the best out of the fabric. We will also discuss the changes required at kernel level drivers to expose those features so that cloud workloads can leverage these by OS apis for orchestration. We will also demo one of the hardware features and also go over Its implementation details including development and test pipeline using zuulv3.

What can I expect to learn?

We will discuss how NIC vendors and community can work together to provide these features to Telcos, ISPs and others who are looking for high network performance from VNF. This talk will also demo one of the features that’s under development and how we integrated the thirdparty CI using ZuulV3, so the developer community can enable these features in cloud and get tested results for specific HW platform. It will provide more flexibility to users to leverage NIC features, which cannot be tapped due to current limitations

Monday, April 29, 3:50pm-4:30pm (9:50pm - 10:30pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Manjeet is a Senior Cloud SW Engineer at Intel Corporation working on OpenStack Networking, He worked on enabling OpenDaylight with OpenStack and now working on SRIOV feature enabling and testing in neutron, He's also responsible for setting up third party CI for testing hardware features for networking projects in openstack. FULL PROFILE
Munish Mehan works at AT&T as Prinicipal Technical Member of Tech Staff and has been working on AT&Ts Openstack Cloud platform. This platform is used by various AT&T applications and host NFVs for various business units. He works on multiple SDNs, Performance tuning of platform- SRIOV PCI-Numa aligment and work as lead developer with cloud platform team and also help VNF teams to... FULL PROFILE
Summary Overall ~15 years of work experience in analysis, design, development, simulation and field trials of various projects spanning SDN/NFV domain, Cloud/Virtualization domain, Telecom domains. ~3.5 years of experience in Virtualization/Cloud computing and SDN/NFV domain. Fair understanding of Openstack and its networking service neutron, OpenVSwitch, Openflow, SDN controllers such... FULL PROFILE