May 8-11, 2017

Speaker Details

Lisa-Marie Namphy
Portworx, Director, Developer Marketing, Community Architect

Lisa-Marie is the OpenStack Ambassador for the USA. Lisa also currently organizes and runs the SF Bay OpenStack/Cloud Native Open Infrastructure User Group, personally hosting the bi-weekly meetup. In her "day job," Lisa is the Director of Developer Advocacy at Portworx, providing cloud native storage and solving the problem of running stateful containerized applications in production. For 7 years prior Lisa led the global developer community solutions team focused on OpenStack and open source technology across HPE. Lisa brings more than 20 years of product and technical marketing as well as community architecting experience in the Silicon Valley, and is an advocate for Diversity & Inclusion, often speaking on the topic at forums and conferences. Lisa is an avid sports fan, loves to play tennis and basketball, and loves wine and dogs. Her hobbies include tutoring kids, teaching viticulture and winemaking, reading literature, training dogs, and of course architecting developer communities. Follow Lisa on Twitter @SWDevAngel.