May 8-11, 2017

Speaker Details

Piyanai Saowarattitada
Massachusetts Open Cloud

Piyanai Saowarattitada is the Director of Engineering & Infrastructure at the Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC). Her first experience with OpenStack was back in 2012-13 during Folsom/Grizzly time frame where she led an effort to deploy a Quantum based private cloud for development at (then) HP Cloud services. She joined the MOC leadership team in January 2015 to lead a small team of engineers and a dozen or so student interns to build a research public cloud. Prior to joining the HP Cloud services, she worked on networking projects for HP Integrity Virtual Machine product including but not limited to software to emulate a network card and a virtual switch. Earlier in her career, she bounced between developing software in kernel space and user space - from writing APIs and Libraries for storage subsystem to enabling IPv6 in NFS to porting an emacs editor.