May 8-11, 2017

Speaker Details

Jason Venner
VP and Chief Architect, Mirantis

Twenty-five-year business and technology architect known for developing new processes and infrastructures that help start-up to Fortune 100 companies create and drive market demand across Europe, Asia and North America. Industry experience includes financial services and e-payments, retail, biotech, telecom and security analytics.

I have been building production OpenStack clouds since the Bexar days. I built out the roadmap and initial architecture for the PayPal OpenStack cloud as well as provided architecture for the NASA Nebula project after NASA contributed Nova to OpenStack.

I, on behalf of Mirantis provided the SDN leadership for the Symantec CloudFire project.

Core expertise:

  • Architecture: Lead engineer building large, reliable enterprise cloud systems—roadmapping and releasing 30 applications today used by hundreds of million people worldwide, including 220+ major deployments / installations at the world’s largest companies. 
  • Business: Strategic advisor helping 100+ companies unravel vision, articulate goals and assemble / execute clear plans to drive down time, cost and risk to market.
  • People & Projects: Team builder, trainer and manager—inspiring and leading groups of up to 12 direct, 36 indirect and 130+ dotted line / functional reports domestically and abroad. Management of up to 75+ concurrent projects, and budgets up to $20M.