May 8-11, 2017

Speaker Details

Adam Spiers

Adam Spiers is a Senior Software Architect at Panther Protocol. He previously spent 7 years working on OpenStack at SUSE, leading initiatives to add support for Trusted Execution Environments such as AMD SEV to OpenStack, and to make it easier to deploy in configurations with high availability and self-healing capabilities.

Adam has been a passionate supporter and developer of F/OSS since 1995, with a particular interest in automation and tools for developer efficiency.  For 17 years his professional focus was on Linux-oriented enterprise technologies in the data center, and is now on digital privacy and zero knowledge proofs within the decentralized web3 space. He holds a degree in Mathematics and Computation from Oxford University, and currently lives and works in London, UK.

Adam juggles his IT career with a long-running parallel career as a musician, and very occasionally also juggles balls, clubs, and fire.