May 8-11, 2017

Speaker Details

Eli Qiao
Tencent Co. Ltd., Software Engineer

LiYong (Eli) Qiao, a Senior Cloud Software Engineer at Intel, has been working on OpenStack since 2014. Eli has a strong background in virtualization (KVM/libvirt) and containers and works on multiple OpenStack projects. He is a core developer on the Magnum and Zun projects.

Eli's Nova contributions revolve around API enhancements, namely the V3 API and microversion supportin addition to several bug fixes. He is currently working on enabling processor level cache monitoring and allocation in OpenStack, which is valuable in reducing the effects of  noisy neighbors, towards achieving realize more predictable workload performance (reduced jitter, lower latency).

Eli lives in Beijing/China and is a self-confessed IoT geek. For leisure he enjoys fantasy movies and hopes to travel the world widely.