May 8-11, 2017

Speaker Details

Jeff Buhrt
Director of Program Development
Jeff Buhrt is the founder of Achievement Focused Technology, Inc. owner
of Health Care Systems Corporation, and a former IBM program manager. 
He is currently the director of program development at Pristine Machine.

Jeff has both a business background and a detailed hands-on development
through leading application architecture experience. From growing up
working in his grandfather's small business to consulting and guiding
development for companies including: IBM, Ameritech, Indiana Prosecuting
Attorneys Counsel (IPAC), Rent-to-Own/Rent-to-Rent companies, database
vendors, accounting system vendors, education, health care, CAD
automation vendors and their customers including Caterpillar, and
natural language and meaning processing companies. He has lead R&D
development, set product technical direction, done years of large system
multi-user development, and consults with multiple startups.

Jeff's background ranges from multi-user networked Unix systems
internals' including scaling, performance, stability,
software-as-a-service/cloud computing, application design, and
application direction future planning. Jeff enjoys leading teams, doing
design work, and deeply understands performance and design of large
networked systems with thousands of users.

Jeff has been an active Infragard member since 2007 and is on the Cyber healthcare working group.
He currently consults on secure operating systems and health care billing systems including security.