May 8-11, 2017

Speaker Details

Domhnall Walsh
Hewlett Packard Enterprise, OpenStack Cloud Solution Engineer, HPE

Domhnall works in HPE's Technology Services Cloud Innovation team, based in Galway, Ireland. In this role he has daily involvement in customizing and configuring customer deployments of Helion Openstack as well as offerings from other vendors.

Prior to this, he has worked in software development roles for over 15 years, mostly in the education and training software space, targeting corporate and educational markets internationally. As part of this work he has been an evangelist for, and an early adopter of, various technologies, starting with web and progressing to cloud (SaaS and PaaS) and mobile-friendly tools to deliver highly available examination and training solutions at a low cost per seat.

He has presented work in diverse fields such as Expert Systems, Scalable Vector Graphics and educational research.