May 8-11, 2017

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Brandon Jozsa

Brandon Jozsa has worked for some large companies that include AT&T, Charter Communications, and Red Hat. He has also had the privilege to secure some of our countries most critical branches that include DOJ/JUTNET, USDA, USAF, DOI and others under the Networx contract, and he has been focused on the cloud computing security space since 2013. Brandon championed the concept that AT&T should migrate all of its core AIC services to Kubernetes using Helm. This led to the introduction of the OpenStack-Helm project, and thus the Airship and Akraino projects were later conceived. While at Charter, Brandon was the Principal Lead Architect and core developer for an internal platform called Flagship, which includes a lightweight Helm-based deployment of a self-hosted Kubernetes control plane capable of performing hitless upgrades for carrier-grade stateful services such as voice, video and high-speed network. Brandon loves hacking on all things Linux, Security, and cloud, but in his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife Rachel and two German Shepherds, Juno and Ajax. He also enjoys coaching high-level volleyball for the Charlotte area club called CJV.