May 8-11, 2017

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Platform9 - Remote Control: Easy, SaaS-Managed OpenStack and Kubernetes with Platform9

Is OpenStack the right solution for your organization? The answer should almost always be yes, but the answer to the next question, "Do I have the personnel and the expertise to do that?", can vary widely. Platform9, the latest addition to the remotely managed solution category of OpenStack, leverages a SaaS-managed platform to easily deploy and manage OpenStack and Kubernetes, and expand them across on-premises and public cloud environments. With a SaaS-managed control plane already in the cloud, Platform9's solution becomes a hub for easily expanding to a hybrid and multi-cloud environment, supporting a wide variety of cloud stacks.

In this session, learn how our remotely managed solution provides the monitoring, upgrades, and support can jumpstart your organization's' cloud journey. In addition, we'll walk the talk: see a demo of Federation, where we scale clusters across on-premises and public cloud infrastructure.

Tuesday, May 9, 11:00am-11:20am
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Co-Founder and Chief Architect at Platform9
Co-Founder and Chief Architect of Platform9. Virtualization and containers enthusiast. 14-year veteran of VMware. FULL PROFILE