May 8-11, 2017

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OpenStack - OPNFV Joint Efforts on Interop Challenge NFV Testing

OpenStack Interop Challenge kicked off the 2nd round of testing near the end of the 2016 and NFV Workload was selected as one of the candidate testing targets. In order to have a better understanding of NFV Workloads, the Interop Challenge team brought in contributor from OPNFV Functest project to help with the testing. Based upon the suggestion from OPNFV Functest team with their current test cases, “vIMS + Open-O + Juju” is selected as the NFV workload. We have adjusted the test scripts to make it easy to deploy on vanilla OpenStack platforms. We’ve found that the workload is able to successfully run on different version of OpenStack, thus the interop challenge goal is achieved. 

In this talk, we will firstly introduce the current work in both OpenStack and OPNFV community regarding Interop testing, then provide a detailed analysis of the workload itself and how we deploy the workload. Last but not least we will show a demo of NFV calling service to test our workload’s interoperability on different version of OpenStack platforms.

Tuesday, May 9, 12:05pm-12:45pm (4:05pm - 4:45pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Helan Yao serves as Senior Software Engineer in Huawei. Helan has been working in cloud computing area for over 6 years. She has been involved in projects focusing on PaaS solution delivery. Helan Yao now is a core contributor of OPNFV Functest project.  FULL PROFILE
Zhipeng Huang currently serve as open source operation manager for Huawei. Zhipeng have been involved with various major open source communities and is now the PTL of OpenStack Cyborg project, co-chair of OpenStack Public Cloud WG, and co-lead of the Kubernetes Policy WG FULL PROFILE