May 8-11, 2017

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Advanced Instance Scheduling: Reservations and Preemption

Scientific-WG Forum brainstorming produced two scheduling related items which have current blueprints/specs of particular interest to scientific users and deployers:
- Supporting pre-emptible instances
- Resource reservation requirements (particularly related to the Blazar project)
See e.g.:,

Neither of these suggestions had chairs volunteered or nominated, however there seems to be enough active discussion on advanced scheduling use-cases that it would be worthwhile convening a session where:
1) Nova devs can give an update on state of scheduling changes and plans (keeping in mind most operators are 1-2 releases behind current and so be unfamiliar with specs worked on over the past 12 months)
2) Users and operators can describe and flesh out advanced scheduling use-cases that can be used to inform existing and/or new specs
3) Blazar contributors can outline their needs


Moderators: Masahito Muroi, Blair Bethwaite

Wednesday, May 10, 9:50am-10:30am
Difficulty Level: N/A
LINE, Senior Software Engineer
Masahito Muroi is a senior software enginer in LINE. He is in charge of developing LINE's private clouds, which is developed on OpenStack and accomodates over 1,000 HV and 20,000 VMs for production use.  He is a member of core developers in OpenStack Blazar project and OpenStack Congress project. He ran Blazar PTL Ocata cycle to Rocky cycle.  He is involved in cloud technology area... FULL PROFILE
New Zealand eScience Infrastructure, Solutions Manager
Blair has worked in distributed computing for over a decade; both in research and for research; for institutional and national projects; from applications, through grid & cloud middleware, to full HPC & cloud systems design, implementation, and operations.   Originally from Christchurch, Blair recently returned to NZ to take up the reigns of Solutions Manager of the New Zealand... FULL PROFILE